Welcome to Shree Meladi Maa Hospital

Shree Meladi Maa Super Speciality Hospital. This charitable hospital is based in Sokhada, Kheda Gujarat, India and is managed by a local a team of trustees with the appropriate skill mix. This is a non-profit health-care facility and has grown from humble beginnings in 2004 to the current facility offering health care that meets modern International standards.

Situated about 40 kms from the heart of Ahmedabad city and 47 kms from Ahmedabad airport and set amongst luscious vegetation, the hospital is only a 15 minute walk from the Kheda bus stand.

Our Vision

The Chairman His Holiness Jai Maadi’s (BS Panchal) vision is to treat the vulnerable and educate the rural community regardless of caste or creed. For the sick and poor, Shree Meladi Maa Super Speciality Hospital remains dedicated to treating all with respect, compassion and dignity. At Shree Meladi Maa Super Speciality Hospital we recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence and leadership.

The commitment of our staff, doctors, physicians, volunteers, community partners and friends to our mission permits us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring with the blessing of goddess ‘Shree Meladi Maa’, which are the hallmarks of Shree Meladi Maa Super Speciality Hospital, Kheda, Gujarat, India.

Our Mission

Thanks to ongoing investment, the hospital is set to meet the objective of eventually of having 110-bed acute care, and offering high quality multi-speciality health care.

The primary health-care programmes are designed to reach vulnerable groups, especially rural and remote communities, and lower middle-income urban families. Health promotion and disease prevention are at the core of all programmes, with reproductive health, immunisation and integrated management of childhood illnesses being the main priorities.

Adult health (TB, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers and mental health) is a sector of activity in many of the areas served.






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